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The Barefoot Historian & Co...


The first time I saw Carlisle’s historic district I knew I was home... 


After a lifetime of moving around the country, I knew could create a life just about anywhere but Carlisle immediately felt like forever.  Something in the air was familiar and comfortable.  It wasn’t until I started researching my genealogy for my Daughters of the American Revolution application that I found that my family had called this part of Pennsylvania home for almost 300 years—since 1734!


My passion for history began early and served to fuel a curiosity that carried me through a Bachelor’s degree in History & Museum Sciences and a Master’s degree in International Relations and a Master's in Procurement & Acquisition Managment.  After working in the accounting world for three years I was desperate to get back to my first love.  In 2018 I founded Carlisle's 1st ghost tour business. Alas, TimeWalker Tours fell victim to the COVID epidemic-and much like the virus, its end was messy but ultimately the BEST thing to happen to me!  I knew that closing the doors on Carlisle's history was something I simply refused not do! Besides, I've been digging through Carlisle’s fascinating, lurid, tragic, and oftentimes bloody past for years and I love sharing this knowledge--so I developed a new and much improved way to connect with the masses!  Building a business on my own allowed me to finally explore avenues that I had been unable to before--which means good things for you!

I believe that history is something that needs to be experienced to fully understand and connect with it.  Whether it be standing in a historic place, putting on historic garb, embracing historic grooming, living, or cooking customs...we can't truly understand what happen in our past until we make the effort to place ourselves IN it. It won't always be pretty, occasionally it will be uncomfortable, but you'll find yourself a more complete person for taking the time to truly understand. 


When I’m not walking the streets in a corset and hoop skirt, you’ll find me working on my novel, sewing historical costumes or out at a reenactment with my favorite "& Co."--C. D. Jones! 




a.k.a. The Barefoot Historian

P.S.  I'm also the sitting President of Historic Carlisle, Inc. A non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Carlisle's history. Check us out on Facebook or at

Historic Carlisle, Inc.

C.D. Jones is actively working on his bio...

but as a hard working historian, wet plate photographer, Civil War reenactor, and carpenter he simply doesn't have much time to wax poetic about himself!


For now I'll simply say this...

As a historian, you'll be fascinated by the way he can bring just about any element of the Civil War to life. 

As a photographer, he makes every man look dashing and every lady look ravishing. 

As a reenactor, he holds himself to standards of the utmost quality and historical accuracy

And as a carpenter, he brings his exacting standards and admirable work ethic to every project. 

He also opens doors for ladies, and helps the elderly cross the street...he's just that sort of guy. 

Now hopefully he'll finish his own bio! 



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A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. 

Marcus Garvey

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