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Colonial Cosmetics Class

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Have you ever looked at old paintings and thought.."How did they do that?!"


Well, now is the time to find out! Not only will you learn how it was done, what it was done with, and how to make all of your own historical hair and face products--but you'll be actually doing it too! I'll provide historically accurate hair and makeup products and you can give yourself an authentic Martha Washington Makeover! Gentlemen are welcome too as they had extensive routines as well--so come on boys!

This event would be perfect for a Girl's Night Out or Mommy Makeover evening. Bring your adventurous spirit and sense of fun and you'll have a blast!

Approximately 2 hours. $35 per person. 

Available for private groups of 6 or more. 

*price includes historical made materials to do your own hair and makeup!

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