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Midnight Society Picnics

For people of the past, death and loss was a constant companion.  Families lost children at an alarming rate and Yellow fever and other virulent pestilences ravaged the population.  Yet in their grieving they developed a much more pragmatic approach to remembering their loved ones--they spent time with them! The tradition of picnicking in graveyards certainly wasn't new but Victorian and Edwardian Americans adopted it with gusto. they would spend time, talk to the dead and each other,  read, eat,  play, walk around, tend the headstones, and generally enjoy the space.  We have grown away from such activities and our oldest cemeteries reflect as much. I aim to reignite this tradition and bring the care and reverence back to the final resting place.
Picnic afternoons will include lunch, the history of the cemetery we're picnicking in, some time to tend to headstones, and a leisurely stroll through the stones. 
$30 per person-includes lunch and supplies for tending headstones. 
Please contact me to arrange picnic scheduling so that food allergies may be considered. 
Picnic dates will be scheduled soon.
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