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The 1880's large bustle gowns were the height of fashion. When in doubt, add more ruffles, beads, etc! Pretty much anything goes in the 80's. This gown, like all of my gowns, can be modified in any way because they are all hand created. Would you like a ruffle at the bottom of the skirt? No problem. Think it would be fun to add some fringe or feathers? Heck yeah! Let's do it! As always, my gowns are designed to be worn over foundation garments--for this gown that includes a bustle, corset, and drawers (optional, but VERY helpful at bathroom time!)

Prices vary based on customer choices and will be confirmed before any work is completed or materials purchased. A minimum of 50% of the total cost is required to begin your project.

1880's Bustle gown

Taffeta options
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