This beautiful Edwardian era gown has an internal boning structure to provide flattering and smooth lines through the waist. As with all period costuming, wearing the appropriate foundation garments are imperative. However, the additional boning in the top of the velvet skirt makes this gown easy to wear as it stays exactly where it should and ALWAYS looks lovely. (No more having to suck in your stomach when you sit down! :)) The short kick train can be shortened to walking length but the original 1894 pattern includes the small train so that modification will not be done unless expressly asked.  The silk guimpe (Blouse) can be modified to reduce sleeve "pouf" size, make into full length sleeve, etc. If you are interested in modifications, please don't hesitate to ask. 


Both pieces are made from very high quality silks and velvet.   Many portions require only hand stitching,  which is incredibly time consuming.  Prices reflect the quality.  I'm sure you will be happy. 

1894 velvet gown with silk guimpe

Fabric changes

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