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This waistcoat is a perfect staple piece for anyone working on an 18th century impression. Hunter's orange is not only histrically accurate for the period but also in high demand so if you are intrested in that particular fabric I need ample advanced notice. This waistcoat is constructed using 18th century patterning and includes color coordinating lining and large, operational pockets at the hips, handforged buttons, and is largely handsewn. This waistcoat style is appropriate for American and European impressions and a WIDE array of fabrics, including: silk, taffeta, wool, cotton, linen, etc. Please contact me with questions.

Prices vary based on customer choices and will be confirmed before any work is completed or materials purchased. A minimum of 50% of the total cost is required to begin your project.

18th century gentleman's long waistcoat

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