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This colonial period gown is availabel with multiple varients to the bodice. The first is the bodice with a minimal ruffle at the bottom hem--called a pierrot. The second includes a medium to long jacket skirt making this the caraco. and finally the grand daddy of them all--the polonaise. The polonaise is tacked up in flounces creating a dramatic flowing water look from the back. Because of the additional fabric and notions requirements for the full polonaise, an additional $60 will be added to the overall cost. This gown can be constructed in a varity of colors and patterns--the dressier the pattern or fabric, the more elegant this dress will look and feel. This pattern is perfectly suitable for day and evening impressions with modifications made to dress up or down the look.

Prices vary based on customer choices and will be confirmed before any work is completed or materials purchased. A minimum of 50% of the total cost is required to begin your project. Please contact me with any questions or to determine delivery times and to chat about your projects!

American 18th Century gown

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