This warm and sturdy 18th century coat is constructed of wool outer fabric, waxed linen mid layer for increased warmth and water resistance, and a cotton lining to ensure breathability.  Custom made for hunters-the extra deep hip pockets are fully functional and lined with waxed linen to keep "liquids" from your prizes off of the rest of your traditional attire. The extra wide 18th century lapels are fully functional for buttoning you in when winds or snow threaten to ruin your shoot! Paired with our 18th century men's long waistcoat and you'll be making history every time you lead the hunt.  


This winter coat is available in any wool color available-hunter's orange tends to be a difficult color to aquire so please plan ahead if you are interested for a particular hunt/shoot schedule. Each coat is made to measure, bespoke for each dashing gentleman (or gentlelady!)  Contact me for lead time, fabric options, etc. 

18th century Frock Coat- Winter


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