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I’ve been looking for a way to create something EXTRA special with The Barefoot Historian brand which is why I’m officially rolling out “Wearable Heritage”. Combining my skills as a historian and historical costumer, I will be working with each individual clients to discover their own family history and create bespoke garments that would have been worn by a specific member of your own family!

Each piece will include a framed and beautifully presented story of your ancestor that you can hang on the wall of your office, family room, or anywhere else you might want to add a touch of class or talking piece. For example, the teal colonial gown you see in the display pictures could have been worn by my many times great-grandmother Margaretta Wiles who came to the United States in 1734. It reflects her upper class station and the French influence she would have had growing up in the French royal court. It is daytime/upper class look that would have reflected her social station and the slightly more understated fashion of the American colonies.


Your custom garment will be as complex or simplistic as you’d like-utilizing silks, linen, velvet, damask, cotton, etc.   Historically accurate sewing construction will be utilized as well as period accurate materials. The listing price is an average of potential wardrobe or garment choices--each custom project's pricing and specific design elements will be clearly defined BEFORE work begins. After an initial meeting (via phone, zoom, or in person) I will draft a garment and present a sketch with an array of fabric choices. Once those decisions have been approved, I will provide a final cost and a 50% deposit will be required, Final payment will be made upon delivery.

At the end of our collaboration you will have a fully custom, historically accurate garment and the professionally researched and written life story of your chosen ancestor to share with friends and family when you wear your extra special outfit! Contact me today with questions!

Wearable Heritage

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